Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Questions

Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers.

1. Which period is known as ‘Golden Age’ of Indian History?
Answer: Gupta period

2. By which name was Chandragupta II famous?
Answer: Vikramaditya

3. Samudragupta was a worshipper of which God?
Answer: Vishnu

4. Who was known as Nepolean of India?
Answer: Samudragupta

5. Kumaragupta was a worshipper of whom?
Answer: Kartikeya

6. Which religion proof ressed during the Gupta period?
Answer: Hinduism

7. In which period was the art of temple building commenced?
Answer: Gupta period

8. Which was the most popular coin commenced by Samudragupta?
Answer: Garura

9. The Gold coin of Gupta period in inscriptions called?
Answer: Dinar

10. Where was the capital of Magadha?
Answer: Giribraj (Rajgriha)

11. Who was the founder of ancient dynasty of Magadha?
Answer: Brihadrath

12. Who was the Inportant king of koshal State?
Answer: Prasenjit

13. Who was the father of Jarasandh?
Answer: Brihadrath

14. Koshal is the region of which state?
Answer: Awadh

15. In which region were 16 Mahajanpada situated?
Answer: North India

Indian Railway Exam GK Questions

General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers for preparing Indian Railway RRB Examinations and other examinations.

1. First Indian women who won Nobel Prize:
Answer: Mother Teresa

2. “Jai Jawan Jai Kissan” was the slogan of:
Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri

3. The famous book “The Story of My Life” is written by:
Answer: Morarji Desai

4. K.R Narayanan became the president of India in:
Answer: 1997

5. Amarnath is situated in:
Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

6. The first Indian athlete who reached Olympic Athletics Final:
Answer: Milkha Singh

7. The main discovery of Chandrayan innovation:
Answer: Water content

8. The postal system in India was established by:
Answer: Lord Clive

9. The first women president of Indian National Congress:
Answer: Annie Besant

10. Netaji International Airport is at:
Answer: Kolkata


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