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1. Who was the first chief justice of the Supreme Court at Culcutta established under the Regulating Act of 1773?
Answer: Elijah Impey

2. The Archaeological Survey of India was set up during the viceroyalty of:
Answer: Lord Curzon

3. Which is the most ancient language of Indo-European language family?
Answer: Sanskrit

4. Who started the newspaper called ‘Voice of India’?
Answer: Dadabhai Naoroji

5. The official language of the Satvahanas was:
Answer: Prakrit

6. Under whose patronage was Sangam literature composed?
Answer: Pandyas

7. Who deciphered the Brahmi script?
Answer: James Princep

8. Young India was founded by:
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

9. Who gave the call ‘Back to the Vedas’?
Answer: Dayanand Saraswati

10. Who established the Swadeshi Steam Navigation Company?
Answer: V.O Chidambaram Pillai


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