General Awareness Questions 2013

General awareness questions and answers

1. The day celebrated as Women’s day:
Answer: March 8

2. Ponds look shallow because of:
Answer: Refraction

3. Hypernetropia means:
Answer: Long sightedness

4. Diffuse of light in atmosphere takes place due to:
Answer: Dust particles

5. Grand Slam is related to:
Answer: Tennis

6. The gland of the body responsible for secreting insulin:
Answer: Pancreas

7. Ornithology means that branch of science that deals with the study of:
Answer: Birds

8. The instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure:
Answer: Barometer

9. Lunar eclipse occurs when:
Answer: Earth comes between Sun and Moon

10. Seismograph is used to measure:
Answer: Rain

11. Dialysis is the treatment given to a patient suffering from:
Answer: Kidney problem

12. Sodium chloride is the chemical name of:
Answer: Common salt

13. The country which is called as the country of white elephants?
Answer: Thailand

14. Vinegar is chemically known as:
Answer: Ethanoic acid


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