General knowledge [gk] questions for bank exams 2013

Important General knowledge questions and answers for Bank Examinations.

1. Who is the present Governor of Reserve Bank of India [RBI]?
Answer: Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao

2. Who is the present President of the World Bank?
Answer: Jim Yong Kim

3. Maximum amount per transaction using NEFT is limited to:
Answer: Rs. 200000

4. Banks allow 'no frill account' now. What is their peculiarity?
Answer: No minimum balance requirements

5. Which is the biggest financial institution in India?
Answer: LIC

6. What is the full form of DGFT?
Answer: Director General of Foreign Trade

7. Who is the present Chairman of NASSCOM?
Answer: Mr. Krishnakumar Natarajan

8. Who is the present Managing Director of IMF [International Monetary Fund]?
Answer: Christine Lagarde

9. Where is the headquarters of SBI [State Bank of India]?
Answer: Mumbai

10. Which is the largest Commercial Bank in India?
Answer: State Bank of India


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