General Knowledge Questions 2013

General Knowledge [gk] Questions and answers 2013

1. Ottawa is the capital of:
Answer: Canada

2. Which ocean is nicknamed as “Herring Pond”?
Answer: Atlantic Ocean

3. Fear of wild animals is a phobia called:
Answer: Agrizoophobia

4. World Animal Welfare Day is on:
Answer: October 4

5. The “Atlas” bone in the human body is located in:
Answer: Neck

6. The Blue colour of the sky is due to:
Answer: Scattering of light

7. The instrument used to record the growth of plants:
Answer: Crescograph

8. Solar energy is received by the earth through:
Answer: Radiation

9. World environment day is on:
Answer: June 5

10. The science of improving crop varieties is called:
Answer: Hybridisation


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