General Knowledge Questions for Bank Exams: 2013

Important questions about Reserve Bank of India for preparing Bank Clerk and Bank PO examinations.

1. Which is the Central Bank of India?
Answer: Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

2. When did RBI came into existence?
Answer: 1st April,1935

3. Where is the Headquarter of RBI located?
Answer: Mumbai

4. Who is the current Governor of RBI?
Answer: D.Subbarao

5. In which year was RBI Nationalised?
Answer: 1949

6. Which commission is known as Hilton-Young Commission?
Answer: Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance

7. How many Deputy Governors will be in the Board?
Answer: Four

8. Who appoints the directors of the Board?
Answer: Government of India

9. The elected directors will be appointed for how many years?
Answer: Four years

10. Which bank is known as Banker's Bank?
Answer. Reserve Bank of India (RBI)


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