Kerala PSC GK Questions

Some selected GK Questions and answers from Previous Kerala PSC Examinations.

1. The first Chairperson of the National Women's Commission:
Answers: Jayanthy Patnaik

2. In which year the National Human Rights Commission came into effect?
Answers: 1993

3. When did the Right for Information Act came into effect?
Answers: 2005

4. The first Malayalee appeared in the Postal Stamp:
Answers: Sri Narayana Guru

5. In 1956 Kerala State was formulated with how many districts?
Answers: 5

6. Which place is known as the Mecca of Kerala?
Answers: Ponnany

7. The first Malayalee who got Padmavibhushan:
Answers: V.K. Krishna Menon

8. The Kerala Kalamandalam was established in the year:
Answers: 1930

9. In which year Kudumbasree programme was started:
Answers: 1998

10. Who designed the symbol for Indian Rupees?
Answers: D.Udayakumar

11. M.F. Hussain the famous Indian painter accepted the citizenship of:
Answers: Qatar

12. The place known as Ground Zero is in:
Answers: U.S.A.


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