Computer GK Questions

Multiple Choice Computer General knowledge Questions and answers.

1. Which of the following is not related to a computer monitor?
(a) VDU
(b) Plasma Display
(c) Pointing devices
(d) CRT

2. ........ is an input device commonly available in laptops.
(a) Trackball
(b) Touchpad
(c) Touch screen
(d) Joystick

3. A temporary storage area attached to the CPU of the computer for input-output operations is a:
(a) Register
(b) Buffer
(c) Channel
(d) Core

4. Product of the data processing is:
(a) Data
(b) A computer
(c) Software
(d) Information

5. A collection of parallel lines that connects several devices in a computer is called:
(a) Bus
(b) Link
(c) Bidirectional wires
(d) Cables

6. Software installed to help prevent hacking is called:
(a) System software
(b) Antivirus software
(c) Firewall software
(d) Application software

7. Encryption of data means that:
(a) Data cannot be sent over the internet
(b) Data is encoded so it cannot be read without decoding software
(c) Data is kept locked in special room
(d) Data has been hacked into

8. A person who gains unauthorized access to a computer network for profit, criminal mischief or personal pleasure is:
(a) Hacker
(b) Cracker
(c) Programmer
(d) None of these

9. Linux is a:
(a) Database program
(b) Application program
(c) Operating system
(d) None of these

10. ........ is a legal monopoly granted for a limited time to the owner of an invention.
(a) Trade secrets
(b) Copyright
(c) Trademark
(d) Patent


1. (c) Pointing devices
2. (b) Touchpad
3. (a) Register
4. (d) Information
5. (a) Bus
6. (c) Firewall software
7. (b) Data is encoded so it cannot be read without decoding software
8. (a) Hacker
9. (c) Operating system
10. (d) Patent


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