Latest GK Questions 2013

GK Questions and answers related to Acids for preparing all Competitive Examinations.


1. The compounds containing COOH group are called?
Answer: Organic Acid

2. Mixture of concentrated Nitric Acid and concentrated Hydrochloric Acid?
Answer: Aquaregia

3. The major acid present in Grapes?
Answer: Tartaric Acid

4. The Acid present in Palm Oil?
Answer: Palmitate Acid

5. Earliest known Acid?
Answer: Acetic Acid

6. The acid present in Vinegar?
Answer: Acetic acid

7. The first acid used by man?
Answer: Acetic acid

8. Acid also known as ‘Muriatic Acid’?
Answer: Hydrochloric Acid

9. Spirits of Salt?
Answer: Hydrochloric Acid

10. Acid which is known as ‘King of Chemicals’?
Answer: Sulphuric Acid

11. Sulphuric Acid is mainly manufactured by?
Answer: Contact Process

12. The acid used in Lead storage batteries?
Answer: Sulphuric acid

13. The acid present in Lemons?
Answer: Citric acid

14. Fuming Sulphuric acid is called?
Answer: Oleum

15. Acid present in Milk and Curd?
Answer: Lactic Acid

16. Acid present in Tomatoes?
Answer: Oxalic acid

17. The acid present in Ants?
Answer: Formic acid

18. The acid present in Apple?
Answer: Malic acid

19. The acid present in Protein?
Answer: Amino acid

20. The acid present in Gastric juice?
Answer: Hydrochloric acid

21. The acid present in Urine?
Answer: Uric acid

22. Acid is known as ‘Aquafortis’?
Answer: Nitric acid

23. Soft drink contains?
Answer: Carbonic acid

24. The acid that can be used as Hypnotic?
Answer: Barbituric acid

25. The acid used as an Eye lotion?
Answer: Boric acid

26. Cola contains?
Answer: Phosphoric acid

27. Acid present in Soda?
Answer: Carbonic acid

28. The acid which fumes in Air?
Answer: Nitric acid

29. Old name of Nitric Acid?
Answer: Aquafortis

30. The acid used in Chemical industry?
Answer: Sulphuric acid

31. Acid used for food preservation?
Answer: Benzoic acid


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